martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

Un nuevo método para la generación automática de mapas conceptuales

Si bien no trabajo en el diseño automatizado de mapas conceptuales, creo que no deben obviarse las posibilidades que ofrecen.
A continuación incluyo la referencia a un artículo dedicado al tema.

Kumar, R. (2018). Automation of Concept Map Generation using Correlation and Stop Word Identification. International Journal of Advances in Computer and Electronics Engineering3(6), 1–5. Retrieved from

Concept Map is a technique used for visual representation of concepts and their relations. Currently concept maps are constructed manually which can be a complex task and that needs skills otherwise the person may experience difficulties in determining and positioning concepts. A major expectation amongst researchers is on a method that creates concept maps automatically. A tool that assists the user in identifying and placing concepts and their relations in appropriate levels and position, would be highly appreciable in the present scenario. This paper proposes a new method to automate the creation of map from a given sentence or paragraph. This method involves Stop Word Identification, Correlation approaches. Initial results are encouraging and motivates to perform a rigorous research.

Automation; Concept Map; Concept Word; Keyword; Stop words

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