sábado, 26 de mayo de 2018

Evaluación de mapas mentales

El campo principal de mis investigaciones se centra en los mapas conceptuales. Algunas veces me he preguntado cómo se podrían evaluar los mapas mentales. Y he encontrado una investigación que se plantea este problema:

Rahayu, P., Susantini, E., & Oka, D. N. (2018). Development of Creative Mind Map Rubric to Assess Creative Thinking Skills in Biology for the Concept of Environmental Change. International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences, 5(2), 230–236. 

In Indonesia, creative thinking skills are one of the learning outcomes of 2013 Curriculum. Creative thinking skill has been equated with divergent thinking. Specific aspects of divergent thinking category include fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. One way which can be done for improving students’ creative thinking skills is by using the test as evaluation instrument such as mind map because it follows the ways of divergent thinking. However, the studies on mind map rubric assessment which include creative thinking aspect are rare. This study aimed to develop rubric assessment that can assess the creative thinking skills based on the mind map produced by the students. The assessment emphasizes in the fourth of divergent thinking skills, those are fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. In this study, three sets of Creative Mind Map Test prepared for 30 students of grade X senior high school. It generates the students to produce several mind maps as the responses. All the mind maps produced by the students were assessed by using Creative Mind Map Rubric that has been developed in this study. Based on the assessment, the results showed that the level of creative thinking skill divided into four level that were not creative, almost not creative, creative and very creative.

Keywords: creative thinking; developing; mind map

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